welcome, traveller


Q: Ummm, where am I?


Q: Okay... but what is this?

A: Why, Insectera, of course.

Q: That's not helpful, I'm leaving--

A: No wait, please! You're putting quite the damper on my cryptic approach, stranger, but allow me to enlighten you:

My name is Rychard Collins, but you can call me Rych. Element of the Abstract, hosted in it's entirety for free here, is the first book in Insectera, a novel series I am writing chronicling the life and adventures of a dear old friend of mine, Osryn, and his family. Why, I haven't seen the man in years, but when I heard his story, I just knew I had to be the one to tell it.

Q: "Novel?" "Friend?" Come on, guy, is this fiction or reality?

A: I do not exist in a way you would consider, real, no... but if I did not exist to bring the stories of my realm to yours, then however would you read them?



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  3. August 28th, 2022: Posted chapters 11 & 12. Updated Adelaide and Sebastian's bios. CSS updates. Wrote synopsis. Routine maintenance on time machine.

Insectera Book Two: Matters of the Heart, coming... eventually.

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