Name: Sebastian Seld
Gender: Male (he/they)
Birthday: October 29th (age 17)
Alignment: Chaotic neutral

Disabilities: ADHD, Blind (in disguise)
Insectera Abilities: Ability to heal other Insectera, communication with and control of insects, insects do not harm him, six eyes.
Magic Affinity: Lightning
Weapon(s): Obsidian Wand of Haelstron

Likes: Linguistics, reading, kicking ass.
Dislikes: Criticism, rejection, not being taken seriously.

Physical Description: Sebastian is 185cm tall with a lanky build and very little fat or muscle. His hair is pale blond, with a fringe swept to the side that is dyed black. His face is narrow and gaunt with a prominent nose. His skin is pale and his eyes are blue, the lowest two being paler.

Insectera Book Two: Matters of the Heart, coming... eventually.

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