Name: Nygel Seld
Gender: Male (he/him)
Birthday: August 14th (age 49)
Alignment: Chaotic neutral

Disabilities: Bastardous bitch disease

Likes: Bugs, money, bugs, harassing his brother, bugs, his girlfriend.
Dislikes: Broke people, people who manage to one-up him, people who disrespect bugs.

Physical Description: Nygel is 170cm tall with an a medium build and very little muscle. His hair is dark black, coarsely wavy, and it falls right below his chin, aside from two long uncut curly strands in the front, and one strand that sticks up from the top of his scalp, shaped almost like a heart. His face is angular, with wide, thin eyes, thick eyebrows, and a bushy mustache. His skin is a light taupe and his eyes are bright blue.

Insectera Book Two: Matters of the Heart, coming... eventually.

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