Name: Adelaide Seld
Gender: Female (she/her)
Birthday: October 29th (age 17)
Alignment: Neutral good

Disabilities: Dyslexia
Insectera Abilities: Super strength, communication with and control of insects, insects do not harm her, four arms.
Magic Affinity: Fog, mist, and steam.
Weapon(s): Staff

Likes: Her family, her friends, cats, poker, practicing magic and technique.
Dislikes: Interpersonal conflict, reading, waking up early, forgetting to braid her hair before she sleeps.

Physical Description: Adelaide is 162cm tall with broad shoulders and hips, somewhat heavyset but also muscular. Her brown-black hair is shoulder length, coarse, and curly, and she sometimes braids it for easier upkeep. Her face is round, with strong eyebrows and a prominent nose. Her skin is almond brown and her eyes are dark.

Insectera Book Two: Matters of the Heart, coming... eventually.

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